Monday musings

I admit it – I’m not always the cheerful person I portray on this blog. Sometimes things get me down and it is difficult to write anything positive, but I will try.

This weekend did not go so well. Spent 2 days in the heat and humidity and sold 1 pair of Flip-Furs. I had spent weeks prepping for this. Very few people tried them on, a few people took business cards. I’m frustrated. But, I’m not giving up. I am going to come up with some new color combinations. I’m going to start sending out emails to gift shops. Find shops that support local artisans. Email more dance studios. Someone is bound to say “yes”. I hope.

I have so say I am so saddened with the events early Friday morning concerning the shooting at a movie theater in Colorado. My thoughts and prayers have been going out to the families of the victims and the survivors. I heard on the radio this morning about a guy who pushed his girlfriend under his chair and covered her body with his, then was shot and killed.  As a geek, I have gone to theaters and waited in line for the midnight screenings of movies. Now, I have this to worry about? First it was schools, then airports, then colleges. Now movie theaters?  Can I not go anywhere without worry of a gun-toting maniac? It has already been predicted to be a major political discussion. I believe in the Bill of Rights – the right to bear arms. Guns don’t kill people – stupid people wielding guns kill people. My brother is a very responsible gun owner. I have fired guns before. I don’t particularly like them, and I probably will not own one, but violence is out there. If we banned guns, someone would find a way to get one. Police officers would still have to wear bullet-proof vests because a suspect may have a gun. If all the guns in the world were destroyed and all knowledge on how to make them were wiped from the Earth ala MIB style, people would still find a way to kill each other. Might as well destroy golf clubs, shovels, baseball bats, swords, knives and rope. All of these things have been used to kill another human being. Yes, there is violence on tv – because that is what people want. Blame cartoons? Might as well ban slap-stick comedy like the Three Stooges. Violence on TV does not kill people – stupid people who watch violence on tv get an idea and they kill people. Killing is everywhere, even in the Bible.

If a person is raised with morals and embraces those morals, they will see violence in video games and tv and movies and books and will leave it there. They will not try to bring that violence into this world. Try as I might, I try to limit the amount of violence my son watches on tv or in movies. But violence is everywhere. Classic fairy tales like Sleeping Beauty have violence – a hero fights an evil witch to the death to save his princess. Snow White has an evil queen who tries to kill her. Toy Story, one of my son’s favorite movies, has a neighborhood kid who blows up toys. My son watches that movie over and over again, but he doesn’t take that violence into his world and try to blow up things. He knows the difference between reality and fiction. Do I stop him from watching his favorite shows because there is violence? No. But I do limit his exposure to them. If I see him becoming violent with his toys, I stop him and we have a talk. I do not worry about him.

Okay, I’m getting off the soapbox now. Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Look for a new treasury this week, a new featured seller and some new color combinations.


Hoping for Sales


4 thoughts on “Monday musings

  1. I’m sorry your weekend didn’t go as well as you’d hoped. I think you’ll have more luck with your Flip-Furs when the weather cools down a bit. I think they’d be really great as Christmas gifts too, so I’m glad you aren’t giving up.

    I completely agree with you about the gun issue. The shooting was incredibly tragic, but it wasn’t the fact that someone had guns so much as the fact that someone was insane and decided to massacre people. If it hadn’t been guns it would have been homemade bombs. And I think you’re right about people who really want guns will find ways to get them eventually.

    • It just sickens me that politicians and lobbyists are using this tragedy to promote their own agenda. People died and were hurt. Concentrate on that. Get a good prosecutor on this case and send this guy away where he belongs.

  2. I had the same reaction as Ariella. I think your product is wonderful and wouldn’t do too much to change it up. I bet you’ll have more success when the weather cools.

    • Well, right now it is too hot in some areas to go outside – like MN. If I didn’t have this craft fair, I would have been at my computer, cuddled up in the AC! Oh well. Maybe once school starts up again, things will pick up. I can always hope, right? Thanks for your words of encouragement!

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