Friday’s Featured Seller – part 2 – Celebrations Paperie

Here’s part 2 of my Friday’s Featured Seller. I’d like to introduce you to Susan of Celebrations Paperie ( Susan lives in Louisiana and makes all sorts of paper products: card, invitations, thank you notes.

Jen: You make a number of different paper products – announcements, invitations, thank you notes- how did you get started?

Retirement Luncheon Invitation

Susan: I’ve always had an obsession with paper – note cards, lists, invitation, stationery.  I would collect it but never use it because it was “just too pretty”.  I started scrapbooking when my daughter graduated from high school and going to the craft stores and seeing all that paper, etc. just hooked me on creating with it all.

Jen: Without giving too much away, what is your process for making your products? Obviously I don’t need any trade secrets. 🙂

Susan: I used to actually attach scrapbook paper to cardstock and embellish with ribbon and such, but since then I’ve gone digital and use images and paper from internet shops (99% from Etsy sellers). Where do you get your inspiration?   Usually from the images I purchase.  I’ll see a cute monkey graphic and think of how cute that would look on a young child’s birthday invitation.  It just goes from there.

Sweet Baby Girl Birth Announcement

Jen: Do you have a dedicated workspace?

Susan: I have a great craft room upstairs, but since I’m on the computer so much I work in an office/guest room space.

Jen: Do you have a “day job”? If so, any plans on quitting?

Mom to Be Shower Invite

Susan: I retired after 26 years of teaching first and second grade.  I loved it, but I was fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of an opportunity to retire, so I did.

Jen: Any background noises, ie music, tv, children while you are working?

Girl Baby Buggy Thank You Notes

Susan: I have ITunes on my computer and enjoy listening to music from classical to rock when  I’m doing routine things.  But I like it quiet when I’m in the design mode.

Jen: Are you having a Christmas in July sale?

Susan: Absolutely!  My shop is offering 15% off entire purchase.

Baby Girl Baptism Invitation

Jen: Family? To include Fur Babies, of course.

Susan: I’m married to great guy who’s been very supportive of my adventure and I have two children, both married.  No grandkids, yet.  I have four cats and one that is my son’s that I’m babysitting for awhile.  Only 2 stay inside and they often “help” me when I’m working.

Jen: Anything else you would like to tell readers?

Susan: As a matter of fact, I do.  I have another shop on Etsy called LadybugLane and Co.  It was my first baby and there I sell greeting cards and notecards that I have either handmade or done digitally but are my own digital designs.  I hope they visit as well.

Thank you, Susan! Good luck with everything and I hope your CIJ sale is going great.


Hoping for Sales


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