Friday’s Featured Seller – Kingdom of Zeal

This is the first of 2 Friday’s featured seller posts.

I would like to introduce you all to Kay, from Kingdom of Zeal ( Kay is from Puerto Rico, and makes lovely jewelry.

Wire Wrapped Gold Labradorite Necklace - Mermaid's Tear

Jen: How did you get started?

Kay: It really started with a simple yet complex question: “What do I really want to do the rest of my life?”. I’ve always had an admiration for jewelry and its creators, and an unrelenting love for stones. It wasn’t until recently I considered it as an actual means of sustenance. A life of creating pieces of wearable art seems like an absolutely perfect mix of creative stimulation, personal and professional growth, and challenge.
Seeing my passion for creating jewelry my friend, Weskips, funded me and that is the reason I’m having this conversation with you now. Thank to him I’m able to share my jewelry with the world.

Jen: Do you find the stones you use when out walking, or do you order them from someone?

Kay: I very much wish I could find the types of stones I use walking about! I actually hand pick each stone from my talented lapidary suppliers in India, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. The handful of gemstones I have in my stone were each selected out of literally thousands of diverse pieces. It’s actually a very long and arduous process, but I enjoy every minute of it.

Titanium Agate Crystal Cluster Necklace - Radical Dreamers

I do want to start a more rustic line of jewelry including driftwood and hand painted shells, and another line of preserved flowers. Those will be made of materials I find!

Jen: Without giving too much away, what is your process for making your jewelry? Obviously I don’t need any trade secrets. 🙂

Double Aquamarine Labradorite Necklace - The Lady of Viper Manor

Kay: Most of my time is spent trying to find a design that works well with the stone, since I love having gems as the centerpiece of my jewelry. I try and let the stone itself tell me what that design should be. Depending on how it works out, I’ll scrap the idea and try again. I never put up a piece I’m not truly happy with, no matter how simple the design.

Jen: Do you have a dedicated workspace?

Carved Mother of Pearl Necklace - Frozen in Time

Kay: Actually, I don’t have a dedicated work space yet. I keep my torch, files, hammers, and other tools in a big black toolbox. My lose stones and other materials nicely separated in another storage box, the same with my finished pieces. My work surface is anywhere I can comfortably set up for the day; Kitchen table, blanket on the floor, even my own bed. So long as it’s clean, I’ll make due.

Jen: Do you have a day job? Any thoughts of quitting?

Kay: Right now I’m a full time student and a part time jeweler. My major is Modern Languages, so most of my days consist of learning and practicing Italian (and in the months to come, Mandarin). I’ve always been very enthralled by other languages and cultures, so much so that I taught myself most of the English I know. But my dream will always be to run my own successful store.

Purple Sea Sediment and Amethyst Wire Wrapped Earrings - Atlantis' Treasure

Jen: Any background noise, music, TV?

Kay: I cant function at all without background noise! I like to put cartoons on my computer and then minimize them, so I only have sound and not a distracting image. I usually put on Chowder or Regular Show. I more or less know every episode, so I get to enjoy them even though I’m not looking at them. I also like to put on music. I have a small assortment ready with some of my favorites from various genres; Opera, classical, alternative, rock, reggae, Italian rock, and something called opera rock (among other stuff). I put them all in shuffle and on a loop so I never run pout of great things to listen to.

Labradorite and Bronze Filigree Bracelet - Dragoon Spirit

Jen: Are you having any sales?

Kay: I had not thought of having a Summer sale, most of all since this is my first summer selling on Etsy! But I just couldn’t say no to that! With the coupon code Summer anyone can get a 14% discount on anything in my store!

Jen: Any children? Fur Babies?

Chocolate and Purple Lace Chalcedony with Hand Hammered Bronze Lariat - Djin

Kay: I have three adorable kitties in my family! Cathulu, a very round tortoiseshell cat who loves sleeping and doing flips on walls. Her name is, of course, a silly pun based on H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu. Then there is a Omega, a 10 year old black cat. He is very much the alpha male of the house. My third and last kitty cat is called Flaca, a 7 year old Calico who loves nuzzling to people’s hair. And most importantly, my fiancé William, who is very supportive of my jewelry store.

Jen: Anything else you would like to tell readers?

Kay: I hope to expand and improve my skill set constantly, so I hope to bring new things often to my shop!

Thank you, Kay. Good luck with everything.


Hoping for Sales


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