Happy Monday

Okay, I know Mondays are not usually happy. For most of us, we have to go to work after a relaxing (or busy) weekend. Get up early, battle traffic, deal with co-workers. But Mondays can be good. It is the start of a week. It is 1 day closer to a vacation or an important date. It can be a fresh start. A lot of people choose Monday as the start of a new diet or exercise plan or to quit a bad habit,  like smoking.  For me, Monday is one day closer to when my son comes home from Summer Vacation. One more week down. And usually, I’m stir crazy by this point and need to get out of the apartment.

This weekend was rewarding for me. I started on Pinterest Saturday morning and spent the morning networking and following people. Now to get them to follow me back, right? But, I did get a sale by Saturday night, from a gal who was looking around on Pinterest and found my Flip-Furs. So, I made her pair and shipped them off this morning. I also finished 2 new color combinations this weekend.

ON SALE Team Slippers - Minnesota Wild inspired colors - Slip on Flip-Flops with Furry Embellishment - Show your Team Support

ON SALE Turquoise Crocheted Slippers with Hot Pink Fur - Flip Flop Footwear - Indoor Comfortable Shoes with Eyelash Yarn

So how about we kick this week off with some newly listed items from other people?

Men's Solid Sterling Silver Peace Sign Black Leather Adjustable Bracelet

We don’t see many things for Men on my blog. This bracelet comes from Rosie at FamilyManJewels (http://www.etsy.com/shop/FamilyManJewels )

Montessori Jewelry Cuff Bracelet Follow the Child

This lovely cuff bracelet comes from Cody at CodySanatonio (http://www.etsy.com/shop/codysanantonio).

Christmas Cards Greeting Cards Christmas Tree Style 14

Thinking of Christmas? Check out these cards from Heather and Daniel at Cardinal Boutique (http://www.etsy.com/shop/CardinalBoutique).
The Apple Tree Paper Mosiac

Here is a unique gift idea from Laurel at ThePaperArtist (http://www.etsy.com/shop/ThePaperArtist)

Now, I try my best to support handmade products on Etsy, and not vintage. I have nothing against vintage, but as an artisan, I am looking for a place where only handmade items are sold. I have 1 vintage inspired piece in my collection, but I made it. There is a place for vintage items, and I am tired of trying to compete with vintages resellers. So I will always try to support artisans and their handmade products over vintage sellers.

Hope you all have a great week. Visit me on Pinterest (I have a button over there on the side), check out my new colors. Remember, I will be at Rivertown Days in Hastings, MN July 21-22.


Hoping for Sales



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