Did anyone catch So You Think You Can Dance last night? It was good. My favorite was the contemporary piece by Travis Wall, featuring Audrey and Matt. Travis is a very gifted chorographer. His hits with the extensions and jumps hit with the crescendos of the music perfectly. So good. I also enjoyed the Broadway routine with Eliana and Cyrus, and the Paso Doble with Lindsey and Cole.  It was a very good night overall. I was very impressed.

As usual, when I watch my dancing shows, I don’t get much crocheting done because I want to watch the routines.

No worries, no one was voted off last night. The bottom 2 guys and bottom 2 girls will be voted off next week. If you get the chance, I would look up SYTYCD on YouTube and watch the routines. They are spectacular.


Hoping for Sales


2 thoughts on “SYTYCD

    • What upsets me is that they accept people who have dance careers. This is meant to be a show for people who don’t have careers to break into the business. If you are dancing with a ballet company, you have a dance career. Yes, they are wonderful dancers, but let the people who are trying to break into the business have a fair shot. If you want to learn other styles of dance – take a class.

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