Dance Mom thoughts

So, I watched Dance Moms last night. A guilty pleasure, but I can craft while I watch it. So, in this episode one of the moms goes behind the studio director’s back and changes her daughter’s routine for a competition. She justifies it because she doesn’t think the dance was complex enough for her daughter and wouldn’t get the points needed to beat a girl from another studio.  And because the mom had taken dance classes from the studio director, she thinks she knows enough about dance to change the choreography.

I’m sorry, I used to dance. Ballroom, granted, but even with that knowledge, if I were dancing with a professional, I wouldn’t try to change the dance at all! Trust your choreographer. If you have a problem with the choreography, talk to studio director in a calm voice, away from the cameras and other parents. Don’t yell, saying your daughter isn’t getting same opportunity as another dancer.

Yes, Abby Lee has her favorites. I don’t care who you are or where you go, the studio director is always going to have favorites. They are usually the dancers who take extra technique classes without being told to, practice at home, and help the other students with steps even if they aren’t asked to. They do what they are told, the parent stays in the lobby where they belong, and if they have a question, they approach the teacher/studio director calmly and states the question or problem.

Since when is it a god-given right to act like a 2 year old on national tv? Act like an adult. You are setting such a bad example for your child. I had an issue at my son’s studio. I spoke to the studio director in private. Now, whether this issue gets resolved, who knows? But I am setting a good example for my son by acting like an adult. Yes, I have my bouts of stage mom-ness, but I try to keep those under wraps.

And Abby – stop denying that you have favorites. You obviously do. You gave solos to Chloe and Paige. So what if Paige has worked on this routine before, but it was continuously cut. You should still take the time to work with her. That is your job as a teacher. If you don’t have time to do 2 and 3 solos a week – only offer 1 solo that week. Or no solos and concentrate on your group number so that you do win every week. And if you are too busy for that, hire a choreographer who will have the time to work with the students and just concentrate on the business end of the studio. You aren’t getting any younger and it isn’t getting easier with these moms. I swear the moms pull this stuff just so they can get more screen time.  Don’t feed into it. Yes, you don’t want to seem like a doormat to these moms, but you have to give a little to get a little. You couldn’t pay me enough to send my son to this studio to dance.  Abby – you are 1 person.

Okay, I’m done now. The show irks me. But, it is fun to watch what goes on at other studios. No, I haven’t heard from Miss Abby Lee Miller about the letter I sent her. Oh well.

Also watched Perception on TNT. Good pilot – I’m intrigued with the show. The main character is a professor in the neuroscience department, and he has schizophrenia. And doesn’t take medication for it. Just seems like a disaster waiting to happen, but it is a good show. I like the dialogue play between Rachel Leigh Cook (You’ll remember her from She’s All That) and Eric McCormack (Will and Grace).

Looking forward to So You Think You Can Dance tonight. Going to be good, though I’m worried about the format change when the dance night and results night is combined.


2 thoughts on “Dance Mom thoughts

  1. I don’t watch Dance Moms, but I do have some “guilty pleasure” shows. 🙂

    I always wonder how much of the behavior we see on shows like this is because of the camera – everyone wanting their camera time/15 minutes of fame. If they are rude, annoying, crazy, etc., they get more camera time. It seems like we are rewarding this kind of behavior.

    Anyway, I watch and love So You Think You Can Dance. It’ll be interesting to see how the new show format works out.

    • I do wish people would stop rewarding this kind of behavior. It sends the wrong message to our kids. I used to watch Survivor with my son, but had to stop because of the messages I was seeing. Competition is good. Backstabbing and lying is not and you shouldn’t get rewarded for that.

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