Brand New Monday

It’s Monday, the start of a brand new work week. I’m very happy to announce that Thursday and Friday were big days for me in terms of views on my shop. 100+ each day!  Saturday and Sunday were both above average views as well.

I have less than 2 weeks before the craft fair. I just looked at the calendar, and I only have 1 weekend left to crank these puppies out. Eep!!!! I was working on Vikings Flip-Furs all weekend. Got 4 1/2 pairs done. I’m trying to get a pair in each size for the Vikings ones. Started at 9, I’m down to size 5. I made an extra in size 7 just because. So, halfway through 5. Then I will work on a couple pairs of Minnesota Wild Hockey colors. Then maybe a couple others. Question for the readers: What color combinations do you think will be good/interesting to see?

So, a lot  more views, but no sales coming from those views. Hmmmm….I’m at a loss. What else do I do? More colors? Maybe after the craft fair if I don’t have any custom orders.

So, it is brand new Monday. Let’s show some love to some new shops who haven’t gotten many, or any, sales. These shops are looking for views, sales, or maybe some help from our more experienced sellers.

First shop is Enrooted ( – a shop of handmade jewelry and accessories. Lena takes things from nature, such as shells, driftwood and bone and makes lovely earrings and pendants.

Next shop is You’re My Favorite Handbags ( These handbags look super cute and look perfect for me. They fit so much stuff (like 2 large beach towels and accessories for a beach day) and have a long handle, which means if you carry it on your shoulder, the top of the handbag won’t dig into your armpit. Yes, that’s a major turn off for me when shopping for handbags and totes.

My next find is Lavender Bend ( Again, a newer shop, but these mother/daughter team has some really cute crocheted eyeglass cases and washcloths.

So you know one of my first Friday Featured Sellers, Larry the Coaster Man. Well, I have received a coaster from Larry, and it is gorgeous. Okay, it also has my beloved Packers depicted on it, but this coaster is amazing. Don’t put in the diswasher. Just needs to be wiped off with a damp cloth. Thank you, Larry. 🙂

Well, I really hope my posts help some of the shops I feature. Maybe in terms of sales, or views. I really don’t know. But, there is always hope.


Hoping for Sales


6 thoughts on “Brand New Monday

  1. Hello!
    Congrats on getting lots of views to your shop 😀 Unfortunately there is no rhyme or reason to these things (peoples buying habits), but if it makes you feel better, you are not alone! Sales will pick up with the more views you get, you just have to stick in there. I hope all goes well at your craft fair 😀 Good luck!

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my shop LavenderBend!! I’d like to offer Tangled Thread’s readers a first chance at our July discount. A free pair of earrings with any purchase or custom order! Unfortunatly etsy’s coupon system doesn’t allow for coupons like this, so contact me through Etsy after you purchase or while getting a customs quote and mention either Tangled Threads or coupon code JULY2012 to take advantage of this promotion! : )

  3. Thank you so much for featuring ‘enrooted’ 😀 I am a new shop as well and working hard on getting my name out there. Every beginning is difficult, just hang in there, work hard and people will appreciate.

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