Friday’s Featured Seller – Violet Rain Organics

Today’s featured seller is Wendy from Violet Rain Organics. She sells organic baby, toddler and adult clothing. We exchanged emails and this is what we came up with.

Baby Jumpsuit Gift set of 3 adorable Nautical Themed Onezees  FREE SHIPPING

Jen: You make adorable onesies. How did you get started?

Wendy: My husband has a lot of experience in silk screening for bands and local beer festivals so I learned the concept of silk screening from him, and I have been a multimedia artist since a very early age.  When we found out we were pregnant with our daughter I started nesting in every way possible.  I taught myself to knit off youtube and the pieces of Violet Rain Organics started to form.  Our Daughter’s name is Violet.

Gift Set of 3 Organic Jumpsuits Nautical Themed & FREE SHIPPING

Jen: What is your process for making a onesie?

Wendy: Our process starts with drawing the image and fine tuning it to our liking.  We then use a vector program on our PC to get the image onto a film positive.  We then degrease a screen frame before we coat it with emulsion. The emulsion is the light sensitive liquid that will be coated onto the mesh and left to dry. Once it is dry, it is exposed with the film positives in order to make a stencil. This step will require screen making chemicals, a garden hose and an exposure unit or other way to expose your film and screen to UV light.  We let it dry and choose our colors and product type and run the ink through the screen and place it under heat for a certain amount of time. Now you have yourself a sweet onesie or Tshirt.

Jen: There were some words in there that I didn’t understand. I guess this is what other people feel like when I’m trying to describe The Wheel of Time.  😉  Do you have a dedicated workspace?

Wendy: I have a home office and use our garage for making the prints.

Jen: Do you have a day job?

Wendy: I do have a day job and don’t have any plans on quitting anytime soon.  I am just working on getting exposure to my shop and stand out which is super hard with all the amazing products that are offered on Etsy.

Jen: Any background noises playing in the background as you work?

Wendy: Music is always playing in the background and a few barks here and there from our two Doxies.

Baby Jumpsuit Gift set of 3 Organic adorable Vegetable Themed  original artwork & FREE SHIPPING

Jen: I know a lot of Etsy shops are having a Christmas in July sale. Are you?

Wendy: We are working on a Christmas in July and have just added Free Shipping on all our items.

Jen: How about family? Fur babies?

Wendy: Family includes Violet (our 2 year old daughter), Evan (my husband) and we have two doxies Abby and Jazzy Sassafras.

Organic baby onesie snails silkscreen cream onesie brown ink Free Shipping

Jen: What would you like to tell readers?

Wendy: We are continuously adding new products and designs.  We have broadened our audience by adding art prints, home products and are making designs for toddlers and adults.  We appreciate feedback and if anyone needs a specialty items or custom print we encourage you to message us.

Let me tell you, the babies are adorable! Almost makes me want one so I can order some of these cute designs. Note, I said almost. 🙂

You can find Wendy at her shop ( or at her blog ( She is always adding new listings, so stop by often and show her some love. Good luck to you, Wendy, and your beautiful daughter.

If you would like to be featured on this blog, contact me. I’m always around.


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