Treasury Tuesday

Hope everyone is staying cool this week. Upper 90s today and over 100 tomorrow for the 4th. eep! How will you be spending the 4th? I will be, of course, crocheting and building the inventory.

I had asked my son if he knew what the 4th was about. He said that he had learned while researching George Washington, that we Americans celebrate the 4th because we won the Revolutionary War against the British. I ask him these questions – Why do we celebrate (this day) because I want him to know why we observe certain holidays. it gets him thinking and learning on another level.

He texted me yesterday morning and said Boaz (my ex-mil’s dog) gave him a bath. I asked him how, to which he replied “With his tongue, silly”. Well, for some reason his cat, Huggy, seems to think I need to be groomed all the time, because he is always licking me while I”m trying to read at night. And meows at me when I’m in the shower. I’m sorry, cat saliva is not what cleans humans. Soap and hot water.

Okay, today is Treasury Tuesday. Last night, I posted about the treasury my flip-furs were selected for. Peacock Tangerine is the treasury name. Very pretty selection of items.

I am going to promote some of the newer treasuries posted today. Just for the fun of it. This Treasury is entitled “Running” and features items that can be worn while running or promotes running. I used to run. Can’t anymore – body hates me. This next treasury is entitled Red and Black Ladybird and has a collection of Red and Black items. I like the variety of items in this treasury. Just a little bit of everything.  This one is cute. Take Time to Smell the Roses – has a rose theme.

That’s all for today, folks. Take a look at these pretty treasuries. I just might make one myself today. Who knows what the day will bring.


Hoping for sales


3 thoughts on “Treasury Tuesday

  1. We have actually had really nice weather here. O.k. somebody will always complain, but I found it nice, somewhere around the mid 90s. It was wonderful for our July 4 celebrations, which were held yesterday evening by our town. Got some photos posted on my blog 🙂

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