Props to a fellow blogger

I have to give props to a fellow blogger, Vivid Please. Who I just learned are a team, Vicky and David. Here was today’s blog post:

They received 2 shout-outs, which is HUGE. I always like to see other people succeed, because it gives me the inspiration to do better.

Their first shout-out was to “Mollie Makes”, a website which shows you “how to” guides. This how-to was “How to Make an Envelope Clutch Bag”.

The second shout-out was with the Huffington Post. Their Berry Infused Vodka recipe was chosen by the Kitchen Daily team. Not sure I would try it (I’m not a berry person), but I’m sure other people will.

Congrats Vicky and David! Wishing you many more successes! Visit their shop on Etsy.

Do you have a success story? Would you like it shared? Contact me.


Hoping for Sales


2 thoughts on “Props to a fellow blogger

  1. Thanks so much for having us! It’s been so incredible to get such lovely support from everyone, we’re pretty blown away by it! It’s incredibly appreciated and means so much to us 🙂
    We’ve been working away for a while now so it feels really great to see that everyone is enjoying it so much too 🙂 just goes to show that even when you think no one is paying attention they really are. Keep up all your excellent hard work because you never know where it will take you!
    Thanks again for all the kudos and good luck
    Vicky & David

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