Wednesday musings

I know. You all missed me yesterday. Sorry, I was having a brainstorm. Will talk more about that later.

Yesterday I came across a post on Etsy of a seller asking for opinions on a new product she designed.

Dino DuTu- A Tutu for Dudes

It is a tutu for a boy. I know what you are thinking. Boys don’t wear tutus.

Why not? Boys like to dress up as much as girls. Granted, they tend to dress up as army guys or firefighters or superheroes. But, what if there is a little boy out there who has older sisters who are always dressing up as ballerinas? He wants to hang out with them, but doesn’t want to wear pink. Why not get him a tutu in manly colors?

Boys at that age are trying to find their voice, trying to find things they like. Yes, there are boys out there who love the color pink. Who like playing with Barbies. If we didn’t have these boys playing with Barbies at a young age, we wouldn’t have some of the most iconic fashion designers out there. If a boy wants to be a princess – let him. Maybe by the time he is an adult, we as a society won’t have issues with transgender modifications. If he wants to be a girl, let him. Let him be happy.

There is nothing wrong with a boy playing with Barbies or playing dress-up, with or without siblings. Just like there is nothing wrong with a girl playing at war, dressing in camo or overalls (without the ruffles), playing with cars and GI Joes. When I was a child, my friends were my younger brothers. I played with their GI Joes more than I played with my Barbies. Being a military child meant I didn’t have childhood friends, and the friends I did have, I lost track of once we moved. So, to be a social child, I played with my brothers.

My son dances. I don’t hide the fact and I am very proud of him. I go out of my way to support him. Because of this, we have not gone through the “girls are gross” stage. He has always danced with girls. His friends are a mix of boys and girls. He is going to be the guy in high school who is friends with these beautiful, confident young women and his guy friends are going to ask “How do you know her?” Dance.

Yes, I do sometimes have issue with his wardrobe. I’m sorry, long socks with shorts is a big no. I don’t even like crew socks with shorts. I have to practically force him to wear ankle socks with his shorts and he pitches a fit. But, it is more of a fashion faux pas thing, rather than suppressing his individuality.

So, all you guys out there who think that guys who dance and wear tutus are girly and are destined to be homosexuals, think of the pretty girl you admire who plays softball like no one’s business. She was probably a tomboy, hated dresses or anything girlie. Doesn’t automatically make her a lesbian. Look at her now. Little bit of makeup, cleans up nice. Laughs at your bad jokes and flirts. The little boy who dances or dresses in tutus or wears eyeliner could make your future daughter very happy.  He could even decide that those things aren’t for him and he could be “normal”.

If you would like to support Caitlin and her shop, here is her listing for the tutu.

Here is an article I found about boys wearing tutus.

Boys can wear pink. They can be hairstylists, fashion designers, dancers – anything they want. Girls can wear overalls and camo, can shoot guns, be firefighters, construction workers. Please don’t limit our children. Let them try something if they want. Let them dress how they will. Okay, maybe make them dress nice for family pictures or holiday parties. After all, we can’t have them run amok all the time.


Hoping for Sales and a very happy, successful and fulfilled little boy.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday musings

  1. I think this is amazing! More parents should be supportive of what their children want to wear, even if it’s a little boy who wants to wear a tutu.

    Also, I’m from the interactive blogging team. 😉

    • Well, I just found out through the listing that it is a DuTu, not a tutu. Dude! I’ve always known I’m a bit on the outside when it comnes to my son. A guy I dated once told me flat out that he was going to take my son hunting and make him a man. As if!

  2. First off I wanted to say thank you for this post. I knew that this would be a controversially item in my shop but the fall out was very negative towards the idea that I made a DuTu. fThere is a woman that wrote a book called My Princess Boy about her son who love to play dress up in what is typically accepted as “girls” clothes.

    • I support kids being kids. Their younger years are supposed to be the time when they discover themselves, who they are, and what they want to do. Why do we place boundaries on them? Yes, we don’t want them to do anything illegal, but if it is legal, and not hurting anyone, why not support them? From the time my son was 5, he could recite the entire story line of Star Wars. A little much, yes, but he still watches the movies. He’s a little out there, but so am I. I had the benefit of a very supportive mother, and I want him to have that opportunity.

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