New Listings

Yesterday was a very productive day. I took some new pictures of new color combinations, then listed new items.

Turquoise Slipper / Flip-Flop with Creme Fur- Flip-furs

I’ve had a few pairs of Flip-Furs lying around, waiting to be listed. So here we go.

Creme Slipper / Flip-Flop with Hot Pink Fur- Flip-furs

Yes, they probably aren’t very professional. I don’t have a professional camera and the one semester of photography I took didn’t teach me how to deal with flash and natural lighting. I  would like a better camera. Just one of many things to save up for.

Creme Slipper / Flip-Flop with Light Purple Fur- Flip-furs

I also introduced my team spirit Flip-Furs. These Flip-Furs are designed for students, but also for fans. My first pair are made in the colors of the local high school, the Hastings Raiders.

Team Spirit  Slipper / Flip-Flop - Flip-Furs

This line can also be used as a fundraiser. Booster Clubs and parents can contact me asking for details. I do use these as a fundraiser for my son’s dance studio. Proceeds go to the scholarship program the booster club has for graduating seniors. I do accept large orders.

A friend at work, Stacy, did me a huge favor. She bought 2 pairs of Flip-Furs and brought them with her to the Mayo Clinic. She left a stack of my business cards and a couple flyers  in the chemo center and the breast cancer center. She said the turquoise pair was gone within minutes and a lot of people were crowded around the table. So thank you so much!!!!

Well, tonight I need to get working on the pairs of Flip-Furs that I had started while on vacations. Take care.

And always,

Hoping for Sales



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