Friday’s Featured Seller – Crystalcat1989

Happy Friday all!

Today’s featured seller is Crystal Simpson, owner of Crystalcat1989. I have featured a lot of her items in previous posts because I LOVE HER STUFF!!!! She is a geek like me and it shows in her items.

Needle felted Thor Avengers can cozy /  Koozie

I mean, everyone wants a Thor cozy!!

So, Crystal and I have been emailing back and forth. Here’s what she has to say.

Jen: In your shop, you have crocheted items, knitted items and needlepoint. How did you get started crafting?

Crystal: Well I have always been interested in craft. School and watching Art Attack on t.v. My mom does crochet and beadwork so she taught me a few things.

Jen: I love your can cozies. Where do you get the ideas for them? Do you design them yourself?

Vampire Spike needle felted can cozy / koozie

Crystal: Thanks. The Idea just came to me one day. I wanted to make pictures with needle felting and a cozy is useful. I do design them using pictures as references.

Jen: How about your needlepoint? Do you design those as well?

Deadpool bookmark

Crystal: My bookmarks are one of my favorite things to make. All but 3 in my shop are my own design. I love making my fave geek characters into my own pattern and then cross stitching them up. Love the challenge.

Jen: Where do you get your inspiration?

Dragon scale wrist warmers

Crystal: I am a big geek so my inspirations have been all my geek interests. Things I love.

Jen: What is your “day job”? Any plans on quitting?

Crystal: My day job is part time work at a library. I love working there so no plans quitting. 🙂

Jen: Any words of advice for those just starting, like me?

Knitted dragon scale pouch

Crystal: Do what you love to do even if it isn’t the most popular thing. Other people who like it will find you and will come back. Be Patient sales do take time and join teams they can help you and give good advice.

Thank you so much, Crystal, for making your wonderfully geek items and for being a part of this blog. You can find her at Happy selling. I’m coming to you for Christmas gifts.  One last can cozy. 🙂

Needle felted yoda can cozy Koosie

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Hoping for Sales


2 thoughts on “Friday’s Featured Seller – Crystalcat1989

  1. Hee hee! Crystal’s work is incredible 😀
    I’m so glad you got her on your blog for an interview, it’s really fun to discover cool new stuff like this, thanks for sharing guys!

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