Back from Vacation

Well, I am officially back from vacation. Went back to work today. Took most of the day to get through my emails. And the rest of the day fixing what other people did on my files. Thank you for helping, but next time, please stick to the list of things I need you to check. And if you aren’t going to do something with an email you read, please mark it “unread”.

This weekend was very good to my son. He received a gold for hip hop (and other trophy to add to the collection), high gold for clogging. He had so much fun doing the standout dancer routine with Melody, runner up from Season 1 of So You Think You Can Dance.  Here is a pic of him and his choreographer.

And here he is with 3 older girls from the studio, who were also picked to be in the standout dancer routine.

Yes, I know he’s cute. Makes me so proud. He wasn’t bored during practice, even though 2 of the practices were 3 hours long after a full day of playing at the waterpark and dancing. And when I picked him up after the routine, he jumped into my arms, he was so excited. This is one proud mama. He put in so much work this year on his technique, it has paid off.

Put him on a plane yesterday to his dad’s. I’m missing him already. Summers are always tough for me. The kitties miss him too. Huggy Bear is currently curled on the back of my recliner. He isn’t watching me type. He’s just looking around the apartment. I’ve been cleaning the apartment the past couple nights. I hope to have everything cleaned by the end of the weekend. Then I will list the new pairs of flip-furs I have done. Hopefully I will have good photos to post with them. If not, I will have to make due with the ones I took. Right now, they are with my friend who did the first batch of pictures.

Tomorrow, I will start promoting friends and interesting things again. Until then,

Hoping for Sales


2 thoughts on “Back from Vacation

    • Thanks. I think he’s pretty special. Trust me, we’ve put in the time this year. At the studio 4 days a week. I hope that amount goes down next year.

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