An Etsy Success Story

I read this today during my snack break, and I had to share. This is what we Etsians aspire to: to have someone out there recognize our work and want to sell it for us. Okay, maybe not all of us, but to have a famous person say that your product is wonderful and want to sell it in their store – if only.

So, this was posted by Jake, who makes the Bottle Wrench: “It all started when a customer of mine showed a Bottle Wrench to Jamie Deen who proceeded to say that it was amazingly awesome and they needed that in their stores. A few days later Bobby Deen (who collects bottle openers, who knew?) saw one and said it was one of the coolest bottle openers he’d ever seen!
After some quick talks and agreements, you will now be seeing The Bottle Wrench in Paula Deen stores and on their website VERY soon. To make it even better Jamie is going to show it off on his new TV show on the Food Network!
Then I got this via Twitter – “‏@jamie_deen  – @thebottlewrench Happy to have y’all in our retail store. My favorite bar tool of 2012 is a local boy’s baby. Wishing y’all much success!”

The Bottle Wrench Bottle Opener - Original - Blue

Congrats Jake! Even got a Twitter shoutout! You can find Jake’s Bottle Wrenches here:

Yet another cool grad gift, I say. Or a belated Father’s Day gift.


Hoping for Sales


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