Happy Friday!!!! Almost vacation time

Hello friends. Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I was in the process of interviewing 2 sellers on Etsy for a Featured Friday Post. These will be posted tonight when I get home.

I am loving today. It is almost vacation time. As soon as the clock hits 3:30, my auto-reply is going on, my voice mail greeting will be changed and I will be free for a little over a week. Of course, I will be going to Wisconsin Dells for Dance Nationals, but it is still a vacation. The only one I get all year except for my mental health days. Can’t give up those.

So, because I have a couple featured sellers, I will not be posting favorite items. Might get to a couple this weekend, though.

Had 75 views on the shop yesterday! I was so excited. No sales, but they’re coming. I can feel it.

The boy and I watched SYTYCD on Wednesday. He loved watching the DragonHouse guys dance. OMG they were so good!!!! Very talented. I watched Breaking Pointe last night. Have to admit it: I’m in love with Ronnie. Something about a flexible guy with tats and a motorcycle.

A friend from work is going to bring some Flip-Fur samples to the chemo ward at the Mayo Clinic. Yay! Going to send out my letter to Abby Lee Miller this weekend. *fingers crossed*


Hoping for Sales


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