Friday’s Featured Seller #2 – Ink Meets Paper Design

I decided to do 2 featured seller posts. My second guest is Melysa From Ink Meets Paper Design. Melysa makes notebooks and pencils in an age when smart phones, tablets and computers are the norm.

Jen: How did you get started making paper products?

Melysa: I began making paper products while getting my BFA at Pratt Institute. I credit one class that sparked a lifelong obsession with book design, paper and a sometimes unhealthy obsession with using paper for everything – The Art of the Book.  If I could have majored in book design – I would have, but it was not an option (?!)

Sewn Notebook with Handmade Paper Cover - Yellow with Gold Chrysanthemums

J: Do you have a dedicated workspace? Movie, music, tv playing in the background?

M: My dedicated work space is my living room floor, which is why I am often walking like a question mark when I’m finished! But I do tend to watch Law and Order marathons while making my books, or more often lately, random documentaries streamed from Netflix. So far “Helvetica” is my favorite.

Decorative Covered Pencils S/4

J: Any current specials or sales running right now?

M: I don’t have any current specials, but I keep saying if I can get to 50 “Likes” on my FB page I’ll be doing a giveaway. Also, I am about to post a yellow series – probably with summer on it’s way, I’m thinking more light and bright colors

J: What should the buyer tell you when ordering something?

M: The best thing to tell buyers is, if they are interested in something they don’t see – i.e – colors, designs etc, to just contact me. Every mention of specific color or design requests I have received, I have followed up on with providing it in my store – usually within a week or so. I love custom jobs as well.

Perfectly handy set of three matchbook notepads - Retro Theme

J: What do you do when you aren’t creating?

M: Hmmm. What do I do in my spare time? I have an almost 4 year old that takes up a TON of my time… but, as we are in a little fisherman town in Rhode Island, my daughter and I spend a lot of time at the beach collecting sea glass and other beach treasures. No matter the weather – in the cold weather we bundle up and go, and of course, in the summer it is just fantastic. The town we live in is home of the oldest 4th of July parade, so our town is gearing up for that now, and everyone we know is beginning to host bbq’s and we are always looking for reasons to grill as well.

Thanks, Melysa. You can find her shop at Melysa is running a short promotion, just for readers of this blog. Use coupon code FanOJTT to receive 15% off at checkout. This offer is good through midnight on June 15th.

If you would like any more information on my featured sellers, please send me a message.

If you would like to be featured, please send me a message!


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