Dance Moms is back!!!!

Miss Abby Lee Miller is back! Oh, how I’ve missed her. Dance Moms Miami has nothing on the original. Missed her screaming at parents and kids. Missed the prosti-tots costumes. Dance Moms and a glass of wine is the way to unwind in the evenings.

So yesterday I posted on my FB page that I was going to contact Miss Abby Lee and see if she would be interested in my flip-furs. Can’t find an email address. Probably to protect her from hate mail. So, I guess I will just write a letter, include a couple business cards, and hopefully she will respond. I noticed last night that the moms have Twitter accounts. Is there a way to contact the mom directly from Twitter? If you know how, send me a message. Might have to go through the moms.

Had a friend ask me today what I’m going to do this summer with my bachelorhood. My son goes to his dad’s every summer, so I’m home alone. Well, I’m going to be building up my inventory for sure. Need more color combinations to show buyers.  Have Rivertown Days in Hastings the 3rd weekend in July. Sharing a booth with another mom. Other than that – nothing much. Just relaxing.

I’d like to introduce you guys to Chrissy-Jo and her blog.  Seems like she blogs every day (like me). She has a Friday feature, Word-less Wednesdays (just a picture), does treasuries. The woman does it all and has time to create. She makes lotions, potions, jewelry. And she homeschools her kids! Chrissy-Jo, where’s your magical little energy elf? I need his brother.

This isn’t from Chrissy-Jo’s shop, but it deserves a mention:

Chocolate Fudge Moisturizing & Soothing Oat and Milk Bath Powder- 8 oz

Chocolate fudge bath powder. o.O Interesting. Check it out at this shop.  Might have to order me some. Sounds promising.

That’s all for today! Have a wonderful Wednesday.


Hoping for Sales


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