Happy Monday! Dance season draws to a close.

Happy Monday, readers! Had a very successful recital weekend. Started Friday night with dress rehearsal. I sold 4 pairs of flip-furs, 2 off the table and 2 custom orders. And I’ve already finished the custom orders. The boy did great at recital. For some reason I can’t upload a picture of him and his girls. Oh well. I’ll try at home tonight.

This week we have National rehearsal, then celebrating the boy’s birthday on Sunday with family. Soon his summer vacation (and mine) will begin.

Every year, my son goes to his dad’s for the summer. It is a chance for him to get away from me and all my rules, and a chance for me to relax and decompress without the stress of school and dance. Yes, I miss him when he’s gone. I talk to him just about every week. I get to have some male company spend the night, if I’m seeing someone. Currently not seeing anyone right now, but that could change.

Found out that one of my favorite choreographers from So You Think You Can Dance is going to be at Nationals!!!! I can’t wait to see Sonya. I love her work! Don’t always understand it, but it is amazing nonetheless. And the choreographer for my son’s stand out dancer classe – Melody from Season 1. Yay! Okay, I didn’t watch season 1, but she was runner up, so she has to be good.

Season Finale of Game of Thrones last night. Love Natalie Dormer. Thought she was wonderful as Anne Boleyn in The Tudors. Wondered what she would bring to the character of Margaery Tyrell. I have so say – clever.

Let’s get started with the fun finds. All of these products are newly listed on Etsy this month.

First we have a crochet hook with a polymer clay handle. Easier for those of us who get a little pain in the hands after crocheting for hours. http://www.etsy.com/listing/100291108/crochet-hook-indian-red-polka-dots

Crochet Hook - Indian Red Polka Dots polymer clay - size 7mm

Next item: pink snake earrings. How can you not LOVE these? I mean, come on. http://www.etsy.com/listing/101219135/pink-snake-glass-lampwork-earrings

Pink snake glass lampwork earrings

I love this bracelet. It has memory wire, which remembers the shape of the wrist it is around, even after you take it off. Adjustable size, which makes a great gift for anyone.  http://www.etsy.com/listing/101353766/pearl-beaded-memory-wire-wrap-bracelet

Pearl Beaded Memory Wire Wrap Bracelet - blue & cream

Last item on today’s list is this beautiful purple crib quilt. And it’s on sale! Made in Brooklyn, any baby would be lucky to get this quilt. http://www.etsy.com/listing/62841423/on-sale-bethlehem-star-crib-quilt-in

On SALE: Bethlehem Star Crib Quilt in shades of purple 30% off

All of these items are newly listed in teams I belong to. Hope you all have a great week. Try to get outside. Should be beautiful.


Hoping for Sales


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