RECITAL WEEKEND!!!!! And Fabulous Friday Finds

One of my favorite (and least favorite) times of year has finally arrived. This is what the dance moms at my son’s studio and I have dubbed Recital Weekend, because our studio’s recital takes up the ENTIRE weekend. 2 dress rehearsals tonight, 4 shows on Saturday and Sunday. If you are lucky, like me, you only have to appear for 2 of the shows and 1 dress rehearsal. Families with mulitple dancers often find that one dancer is in 1 set of shows and the other is in the 2nd set. See, the director is brilliant in this venture. She schedules it so each dancer has to dance in an afternoon/matinee show and an evening show, in order to maximize extended family involvement. So, you are Show 1 and 4 (Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening) or Show 2 and 3 (Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon). One show from each group is video taped and DVDs are available for purchase, and the other show is taped and shown on local cable access. But, it gets to be a long weekend, and the kids usually have school on Monday.

Even though my son is in 2 lines, he is only in 2 shows. Which is a good thing. As much as I like watching clogging and cute little girls in tiny tappers standing on stage with their fingers in their mouths, hugging their teddy bear close, I don’t think I can sit through 4 shows of it.

So, as much as I would love to start blogging on the weekend, I will not be doing so this weekend. Nor will I be making any new flip-furs color combinations. I know. You are sad. Me too. *sniff*

On that note, let’s start with some Fabulous Friday Finds! I’ve had a little bit of coffee this morning. And with all the glitter and sparklies that I’m going to be around this weekend, all I can say is FABulous!

Ipad Sleeve Padded Ipad Case Tablet Sleeve Bicolor Lavender

It’s purple. It’s pretty. It’s an iPad sleeve. Made by Gloria in her SewWonder shop. Kinda makes me want to get an iPad. Maybe after I sell a few flip-furs.

Ecru crochet doily: ecru handmade linen crochet doily with flowers

I found a fellow doily maker! Isn’t this gorgeous? So jealous of the talent. This is made by Edangra in Lithuania.

Crocheted vest mandala boho style/ longline sleeveless jacket/ cardigan 'Ripple' One Of A Kind, Pure Silk Wearable Art, Size L

Here is a fabulous, one of a kind, find. Made by Lianne in the United Kingdom. This takes some talent.

White Coin Pearls Sterling Silver Bracelet

And finally this bracelet. Made by RBB in the United Kingdom. RBB makes beautiful jewelry, and this is my favorite piece of hers.

Now, you may ask, “Where do you find these things?” Well, I belong to a few marketing and social teams on Etsy. On a couple of these teams, you “favorite” an item from the show who posted above you. It is a great way to get people into your shop, but also you find some truly great items. These are all from my favorites. I hope to put together another treasury soon.

Pictures of my son will be posted this weekend. I hope to get some good ones with his ‘girls’. Have a truly FABulous weekend.


Hoping for sales


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