Wednesday Hump Day!!!!

Happy Wednesday! The week is half over. I honestly could use a couple more days to make more Flip-Furs. But today has been very productive. I made order forms for the dance recital. I think I will use them during Rivertown Days as well. Just something simple, idiot proof. I hope. Also typed up instructions for the people selling them during the recital when I’m not there. Again, trying to make it all idiot proof. And typed up a flyer. Everything has been sent to Tammy for approval/suggestions.

Speaking of Tammy – THANK YOU!!!!!  She sent out an email to all the volunteers who were going to work the food and flower tables at the recital explaining what we were selling. She mentioned putting my Flip-Furs on the scholarship table, with order forms and business cards. I was originally going to have the volunteers at the scholarship table pass out one of my business cards if the customer couldn’t find a size/color combination they wanted and it would be up to the customer if they wanted to call me to buy a pair. But now, thanks to Tammy, I have these lovely, simple order forms. So the customer can pay for them up front.

So, I feel I need to endorse a product. It is one of those that you see on late-night tv or early morning infomercials when nothing else is on. The Genie Bra. I have been wearing them for a few days, and I have to say that I feel great. My ribs aren’t being crushed, the girls aren’t crushed. Yes, it is a little like a sports bra, but I have more support than a sports bra. The straps are falling down off my shoulders. I usually wear the black one with my low cut tops just because it looks like a plain black cami.  There’s my product endorsement of the day.

Okay – it is time for fun finds. I love doing this. I feel I’m helping other small businesses out there. Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. But, I know that 2 items that I put in my last treasury have sold.

Let’s start with KSW and her blog.  KSW makes lovely cards and recently started making key fobs and key chains. So cute. Looking for that special gift for a high school grad on their way to college? Get a key fob so their keys are distinguishable from their friends. Order a cool grad card while you are at her shop.

Green & Blue Glass Pendant - Mosaic

I love this pendant. You can purchase it here, at Margalit’s shop. She is from Israel and I love her mosiac pieces.

Ceramic Pig Coaster

Who doesn’t want a piggy coaster? I love pigs. Don’t like how they smell, but love how cute they are. Always stop by the Miracle of Birth Barn at the State Fair to see the baby piglets. Anyway, KandL Coaster is where I found this adorable item.  I think this would be another great grad gift. Or a great house-warming gift.

Well, that’s all for today. Have a great Wednesday! I will be going home and crocheting my buns off while watching So You Think You Can Dance.


Hoping for Sales


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