Thrifty Thursday and Camping

So, I don’t understand this fascination with people to commune with nature and willingly deprive themselves of a comfortable bed, electricity, hot showers and properly made food. Nothing against these people, I just don’t understand it. I sleep in a hotel bed and my body screams at me. Not to mention, I’m highly allergic to mosquitoes and spiders, and I burn very easily, even with sunblock. In fact, I put in my profile on dating sites – I am not an outdoors girl. I will not go camping or fishing with you. What happens – the outdoorsy guys are the ones who hit on me. Though, the ideal guy would still find me sexy when I’m swollen, itchy, red and peeling. With a bad attitude and yelling at him.

Nope, don’t understand it. But, have fun all you people going camping this Memorial Day. Be careful. Don’t drink and drive. Don’t drink and attempt to cook over an open flame.

Thursday! Almost the weekend. Today is rainy and stormy in Minnesota. Meaning, I’m not having a good day. I’ve only had 1 stress fracture in my life, but I must have some form of arthritis because my ribs are hurting, my IT band is tight and everything is sore. Today is the day I wish I had prescription pain pills. Took some Advil like a good girl.

Today is Thrifty Thursday. I will be promoting Etsy shops who have sales going on.

Love N Lavish ( is having an anniversary sale. 25% off with coupon code (which is at the top of her store page) and this is for a limited time only. This shop has some beautiful items for sale, such as earrings, rings, bracelets. Check out this gorgeous ring.

On SALE . Purple Rose Ring. Deep Royal Purple Blooming Ring. Adjustable - LAST ONE

Gorgeous Junkie ( is having a 15% off sale. Use Coupon code FORGORGEOUS. Check out this dress.

Caroline Wells Vintage Flower Dress

And finally Asta Artwork ( is having a 50% off sale. Use coupon code ASTA50ART until June 1.

Painting on Canvas Colorful Original Artwork "Break for the dreams". Colors: orange, blue, pink, purple (violet), white 18x15

If you have a sale you would like promoted, let me know and I will put you on for next week.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend. Be safe. Call a cab.

Always, hoping for sales.


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