I have found one!!!! I found someone on Etsy who makes and sells dance costumes. Let me introduce Brenda, who has just joined my “Dance Parents” team on Etsy.  http://www.etsy.com/shop/LucyLuDancewear She is in Linden, Michigan, and her favorite material is “Anything Sparkly”.  Hmmm….I should introduce you to Tammy, a fellow dance mom. We swear she sweats glitter.  Brenda has leos, booty shorts, bra tops, figure skating dresses.

So, any of you dance moms out there who make your child’s costume, here’s a gal to talk to. She can do it. So can you.

Next shop I’m promoting today is Floralchic. Amy is in England! http://www.etsy.com/shop/Floralchic She has totes and earrings and pocket mirrors. Very cute items.

And finally, Sunshine and Vodka! Sounds like a great combination in my opinion. Anyway, Paulette announced today that she has quit her day job! Yay!!!!! That would be a goal of mine as well. http://www.etsy.com/shop/sunshineandvodka

So, had a great Booster Club meeting last night. Okay, it was just me and Tammy for most of the evening, then Mandi came. But we talked about the recital. I will be sellling the Flip-furs at the recital for their normal price of $15. But, I will only get $10. The other $5 will be going to the scholarship fund we started for juniors and seniors. What a great fundraiser!  At least I think so.  And we talked about Rivertown Days in July and what we can sell at our booth. I have signed up to sell stuff and so has Tammy. So it might just be the 2 of us. Here’s hoping we get some sales!

So I got home a little later than expected. Decided to try and catch up with Army Wives, but the website wasn’t launching the video player. Poo!!!! Very upset, but ended up catching a re-run of Big Bang Theory. I’m hoping it will work tonight. Or I will be very upset. And you don’t want to make me angry! :hulk

That’s all for now. Here’s hoping for a sale!


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