Happy Monday! Don’t know about you, but it was hard getting up this morning. Might have had something to do with the fact that I left the window open last night to get fresh air and my room was freezing!!!!

Had a good weekend. Finished the baby afghan for my cousin’s girlfriend and their little bundle of joy on Friday night. Slept in on Saturday and proceeded to give the apartment a much needed cleaning. Also listed 3 items (I’ll post pics in a bit), then had to give the computer to the boy so he could do his biography on George Washington. Got haircuts and then colored mine at home. Girlfriend called and asked if we wanted to go to the drive in to see Avengers and Dark Shadows. Well of course I did!!!! Avengers was excellent, but then I wouldn’t expect anything less from Joss Whedon. Dark Shadows was okay, but didn’t really grab me. Sunday was the shower. Busy weekend, but had lots of fun, too.

Okay, so here are pics of the 3 items I listed this weekend.

Blue Crocheted Duster Rose Motif


Red Crocheted Vest - Rose design motif


Black Slippers / Flip - Flops with Pink and Purple Striped Fur  -  Flip - Furs


Now to promote others:

Here’s a new blogger from one of my Etsy teams. Show her some love!  http://maryshobbyhouse.wordpress.com/

And another: http://yanasknitting.blogspot.com/

Tonight is a little busy, but I hope fruitful. Have a meeting with the booster club of the dance studio my son dances at. Will be discussing the recital and our craft booth at Rivertown Days. I hope to be selling at both.

I have also updated the shipping costs for Flip-Furs to include costs for Canada and everywhere else in the world. Shipping will always be free in the United States.  Overseas shipping will include a shipping confirmation.

Have fun today if you are in MN. They say it is going to rain tomorrow.


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