Whew! Slowly this Blog is coming together. Added an “About Jen” page, which is brief, but includes the important information.

I think I need a blog-geek. I am such a blogging n00b, I have to ask questions at every stage. All I know how to do is create a page (which I did today) and write posts. Hopefully, I will have a button to my Etsy page soon.

Onto more important stuff. I admit, I’m watching last week’s shows. So no spoilers, please!!!! Watched Glee last night, the prom episode. Kurt completely ruined the Fergie song for me. I like his character, but his singing voice annoys me. That and the directors make it a point to give him female vocals, with the exception of his audition piece, which was genius. I liked that one. But he didn’t do well on the Phantom song.  I have nothing against the gay characters. Love when Santana sings. Britney – not so much, but then again, I don’t really like Ke$ha or whatever song she sang at prom about dinosaurs. Love Blaine. I think he has a wonderful voice that meshes well with Rachel. And he has such cute curly hair! Okay, it poofs a bit, but it is thick and I just want to run my fingers through it.

Dancing with the Stars – I wanted to be Melissa Gilbert and be the center of a Chmerkovskiy brother sandwich. Yummy! Such a lucky gal. Voting for Donald Driver to win the entire thing, though I won’t be sad if William wins because I love Cheryl as a professional partner.  Ah, to be dancing again. If I had any Jimmy Choos, I’d give them up to dance again.

So, completed my goal last night and finished the yellow round on the baby blanket. And then, looking over the blog, I realized that you can’t exactly see the picture I posted.  So here is a picture of what it will look like when finished.

Baby Afghan - Rainbow Colors - Car Seat Blanket - Security Blanket

I will post a picture when it is done because I’m using slightly different colors.

Yesterday was a pain day. Oy the Fibro was acting up. Today is a tired day. Very difficult getting up out of bed.

Blog of the day: Have to give props to the gal who has been helping me so far.  Crysta from MorningTempest  (let’s see if I can do this correctly) morningtempest.wordpress.com/

Thank you so much for your help!!!! Yesterday’s post talked about setting a schedule. I think I need to do that while I don’t have a ton of orders. That way, when I do start getting orders, I’m sticking to a schedule and I’m not bogged down with things that need to be done – like posting pictures, listing new colors. That’s one thing I will work on this weekend.

That and go though all the stuff that didn’t sell at the yard sale. The booster club for my son’s dance studio had a yard sale. Don’t think I made a lot of money at it. Oh well. Got a lot of stuff back. But, we are going to have another one in the fall, so I think I’m just going to put the non-crochet items in some storage containers (keep them priced), then list the crocheted items on eBay or Etsy as ready-to-ship products. That reminds me. I need to find a model for my vest and my duster.

Might post more later today. But I think this post is long enough.


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