Okay, let’s get this thing started again.

I’ve started blogging so many times, but just never followed through on any of it.

I’m Jen and I crochet. I’m a single mom, work at a law firm and watch way too much tv. I’m a dance mom, but not one of the crazy ones. Yet.

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce my shop on Etsy where I sell my latest creation, Flip-furs. http://www.etsy.com/shop/JensTangledThreads

I have a few different color combinations, and I’m happy to announce that I did have my first sale over the weekend. Yay!

Okay, Flip-Furs. What are they? They aren’t a slipper, they aren’t a flip-flop. But they kind of are. If slippers and flip-flops had a fuzzy baby, Flip-Furs would be it.

I designed these primarily for the dancers at the studio my son attends. My son’s a competitive dancer, so we attend competitions throughout the winter and spring. I see these young ladies walking around with very little on their feet. Walking into bathrooms, on floors around the food vendors, sometimes outside. I cringe at the thought of the cacophony of germs on their feet.  I see some studios who have developed thong flip-flops with tied pieces of cloth in the studio colors. These would work, except a lot of the girls at my studio wear full-footed tights. Don’t know about you, but it is hard enough to get tights on, and mighty uncomfortable to have something between your toes and have tights on.  Then there are the girls who wear half-ballet shoes. Why would they wear shoes with something between their toes when they can just wear their half-ballets? Never mind that their heels are bare.

So, I looked for a pattern. And found one, but it didn’t scream girlie to me. None of the teenagers or preteens that I knew would want to wear them. So, I added fur.

Black Slipper / Flip-Flop with Champagne Fur - Flip-furs

And I have a pretty slipper that fits over half-ballets and has no annoying strap to go between your toes. And I added a secret non-slip texture to the bottom. Because, you know, that would be bad if someone slipped while wearing them, they wouldn’t want to wear them and that would completely defeat the purpose.

I’ve sold a few pairs to dancers at the studio, but just sold my first 2 pairs online. 🙂 Very happy right now. Going to stop by the post office on the way home and mail them. Then to the studio for technique practice and then home where I will be furiously working on a baby blanket for a shower on Sunday.


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